Author Topic: capturing the spirit of the old Dragon Realms and a thought I've had recurring  (Read 883 times)


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Etath and Rakul are very loving dragons...

Before Etath got busy with her life, she had/has a vision of what Dragon Realms strives to be.  I wanted to create an idea of what she once called home based on the foundations and groundwork that was left behind.

Who is Etath?

Etath is a wild and fearsome Elmandrian dragon. It has been speculated that she (and NearToTheSky) can live forever.

About Etathism

"Etathism is a way of being, the one true path, the light at the end of the crazy, dark tunnel" - Tysharina, High priestess of Etathism

What does Etathism stand for?

Chocolate coins is the only valid currency.
Be yourself (or someone else).
Be kind to all living beings (viruses are not considered living).
(unintentionally left empty)
Chocolate may never, ever, be wasted.
One can never mew or rawr too often.
It is never inapproriate to mew.
Nibbling and chewing things has proven health benefits.
Fish is good.
Rotten fish is also good.
Tea is the liquor of life.
Coffee is also good, regardless of consequences.
Spiked tea and coffee is good, especially when it is cold (unless you do not drink alcohol).
Gnawing on computer cables solves any computer issue.
Art is <3.
Omega 3 fatty acids are good for your heart.
It is good to be confused about Etathism.
How do I celebrate Etath Day?

Etathism's international holiday, Etath Day, is 22nd April. For unknown reasons it is commonly mistaken as "Earth Day". It is celebrated by showing our love for life, everything living, each others, everyone else, and Black tea, Green tea, Keemun tea, Yunnan tea, Oolong Tea, Matcha tea, Assam tea, Nilgiri tea, Masala tea, Genmaicha tea, Yellow tea, White tea, Pu-erh tea, Chai tea, Earl Grey tea, Lapsang souchong tea, English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea, Ceylon tea, Jasmine tea, and of course chocolate.

Facts about Etathism ( to capture her spirit and spirit of the previous dragon realms)

Etathism is NOT a cult.
Etathism is NOT a religion.
Etathism is a religion.
Etathism is free to join and free to quit (although chocolate is always accepted, real or virtual).
Etathism is not a tool.
Etathism's international holiday, Etath Day, is celebrated world wide the 22nd of April.
Etathism is the light at the end of the crazy, dark tunnel.
Etath is the only permanent member of Etathism.
Etathism currently has two high priestesses.
Etathism is 20 % more awesome than other -isms.
Etathism got incompatible logic.
Etathism er også tilgjengelig på norsk.
Etathism is 100 % free of drama.
Etathism may not be Fourier-transformed.
Etathism sums up to fifty (50 > 42).
Etathism is backwards compatible.
Etathism does not have a sales license.
Etathism consists of 10(base-8) letters.
Etathism is invisible.
Etathism is natural to 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995...
Etathism is irrational.
Mathematical knowledge is not required to join Etathism.
Everyone can join Etathism.
Everyone can quit Etathism (except Etath).
Etathism may occationally involve lutefisk and rakfisk.
Etathism will confound and disperse Jehovas witnesses.
Etathism does not contain drugs.
Etathism is cholesterol-free.
Etathism has provenly confused theologists.
Etathism is green (but also blue).
Etathism is a floating input.
Etathism has over 7 billion potential members.
Etathism can be combined with any belief, religion, cult, or organisation.
Etathism may contain traces of nuts.
Etathism is unorganised.
Etathism is lactose-free.
Etathism is amazingly inverted and utterly confusing.
Etathism is perfectly normal.
Etathism frequently perform l.movhi r0,0x0; l.ori r0,r0,0x0; l.jr r0;
Etathism is part of a balanced breakfast.
Etathism is like a revelation of a long forgotten memory.
Whether we be furry or otherkin, we be all the same