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« on: March 01, 2016, 10:56:02 pm »
Hi, call me Grey. I identify as an Otherkin as well as a furry, and many other things ^^ I identify as non-binary, specifically demifluid. She/they pronouns are what I prefer.

I identify as a Western Dragon and I believe that my identity is psychological in nature, so there is that. I've been aware of my draconity in some form or another for about 6 years, and I have been a part of the Otherkin community for just over a year, so I'm pretty new to the scene. I heard about this site on the Kinmunity forum and I decided to join.

I am an aspiring artist and illustrator going for my BFA in 2D design. My disciplines are drawing, painting, and traditional printmaking. You can view some of my work here :) !

Grey | Non-Binary | She/They | INFP | Dragonkin | Artist


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Re: Greetings!
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Greetings in return!


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Re: Greetings!
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Welcome, Grey ^_^
I guess it's my fault you are here then, but I do hope you enjoy the Realms :)