Author Topic: Can I Use Anyone's 3D Printer? (Biotech Research)  (Read 1063 times)


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Can I Use Anyone's 3D Printer? (Biotech Research)
« on: June 28, 2021, 09:24:03 pm »
I'm a transhumanist who wants to be a dragon in the flesh someday!  I want to found a biotech company to advance the science of transformation, but that technology is a long ways away.  More immediately, I'm working on something a little more achievable and potentially very profitable: mitochondria experiments to alter plant metabolism.

One of the barriers that I have to face with this work is that I don't have access to a centrifuge.  However, I'm aware of a plan for a one-piece printable centrifuge!  Does anyone here have a 3D printer that I could use?