Author Topic: Daily Life and Otherkin feels  (Read 5968 times)


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Daily Life and Otherkin feels
« on: March 18, 2016, 07:50:09 pm »
I guess this is a thread for us to just come and unwind and vent about out daily struggles.  I mean, it's really taxing on the mind when you have to walk this world as something you're not.  I mean, just today, I got to talk to a friend I haven't talked to in ages, and I could swear that my tail was just waving at a high speed out of excitement. 

If you have anything to vent about, or any stories about how you knew that you are what you are, post it here.  This is a judge free zone and this is for support only.

(That being said if you wanna joke around a bust balls you can do that too.  Just tag it if you're feeling playful. ^.=.^ )
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Re: Daily Life and Otherkin feels
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2016, 02:48:20 am »
Well, I've grown fairly used to this over the years. I will have moods that last for hours, days,  or aggravatingly weeks that could be described as dysphoria; I am overly aware that my body is the wrong size and shape during these episodes, and I find it harder than usual to communicate verbally. My hubby and a few close personal friends know about this though, so I can feel a bit more comfortable around them during these times. I go out of my way to avoid any interaction with the outside world when I'm in such a state, as it is just too much of a mental burden to act normal.

Lucky me though, these episodes generally only last a few hours, and I've noticed that specific environments trigger the episodes (possibly due to associating those environments with prior dysphoric moods). An example is a family member's yard, which is heavily tropical themed with birds of paradise bushes and creeping vines and banana trees. Every single time I am in that yard for more than five minutes, I want to lay in the dirt and communicate in sound effects and just in general be a crazy person. I am grateful that I do not need medication to resist these urges. XD