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(Should this be an ongoing journal in which I update all of my new chainmaille pieces, or should I start a new thread each time? What do y'all think?)

I'm trying to get back into making this sort of thing. A few of you may remember I used to do this all the time, but I started having severe wrist and hand pains even when I wasn't working on any projects so I gave it up for several years.
Now that my wrists and hands have fully recovered, I hope to start making high enough quality chains to sell on Etsy FA etc. That's likely a long way off however, considering I am not putting a great deal of time and attention into it.

Without further stupid words, let's look at a shiny thing!

99.9% fine silver bracelet, with anodized aluminum for the color contrast and a silver plated magnetic clasp. Very thin, delicate bracelet.

So pretty!
I still have the photo of the piece you made for me all those years ago:

I think an ongoing journal would be the best way to go, if nothing else, it will be a great progression log of your work :)


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