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GemChip Baby Dragons

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So this is my latest passion, little baby dragons made from gemstone chips encased in clear resin:

I must have made at least 100 by now, all unique thanks to the natural stones used, but this is the latest batch currently being photographed and uploaded to my Etsy store :)

Oooh, wow! They just look like piles of rocks until you look closely, and then suddenly so much detail. Cool!

Thank you <3
I'm totally obsessed with these little babies, and will be taking them to the Newport Center in September for Dragondaze (a comic & board game show). It will be my first ever event as a artist/trader so I'm super nervous about it!

I relaunched Dragonwys on Patreon yesterday.

I've had a few people comment about a 'dragon of the month' club, or subscription plan to purchase my baby dragons, and Pateron seemed to be the best way to go. Dragons are included with almost all of the reward options.

Special pic I've only released to you guys and my Patrons so far, new GemChip Baby Dragon Care Cards!

I wanted an easy way to show names and gemstone types at the Dragondaze show in September, so this was what I came up with!


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