Author Topic: Would Dinosaur Spirits Admire Fossil Fuel Use?  (Read 954 times)


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Would Dinosaur Spirits Admire Fossil Fuel Use?
« on: April 19, 2021, 12:55:46 am »
On two occasions in childhood, I spotted silhouette raptors.  They were three dimensional, but undetailed; they were vantablack.  One of them was wearing a lab coat, if you can imagine such a thing, and the coat was not vantablack, but emphasized the three dimensionality of the raptor.  I have always thought of these sightings, which were seemingly real though I do not believe they materially occurred, as being sightings of raptor ghosts.  Forgive me the sin against materialism of reporting this phenomenon!  Intending no claim of supernatural power, I report what was wholly my perceptions as they literally seemed to be.

The labcoated one comes to mind especially here, because something unusual occurred to me.  Is it possible that dinosaurs would approve of our society?  Obviously, as they lived I am sure they were rather dim; yet (though I do not commit to the reality of spirits) I recognize that spirits are almost always credited with some degree of greater insight than they had in life, and when it comes to animal incarnation the nature of the animal it is not necessarily a whole and permanent assignment of the nature of the spirit.

There has always been some superstition that disrupting the resting places of the dead would bring back their ghosts.  Well, the resting places of the dinosaurs stayed still for eons, but disturb them we did; we have quarried out their epoch to burn it in our engines!  I have some sense that this would conventionally be an affront, but I wonder if those ancient spirits might be happy to be part of our sciences, and to fuel machines that once more roar gigantic across the landscape.