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"Weird" Incident Outside Dayton, Ohio, about May, 2011
« on: April 27, 2017, 05:47:13 pm »
MODS - I didn't really know where to put this, and since this forum includes "experiences," I felt that this would probably be the most appropriate forum for this.  However, if it isn't, please feel free to move it to a more appropriate forum.  Thank you.

So I originally posted this in the chat that RCCrystalis linked to not that long ago, and they suggested that I post it here because it is a very strange experience for me though it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with dragons directly, though there is mention of dragons of a sort, so I'm going to copy/paste the relevant parts of this thing I described on Discord below.  This is my account of an encounter between myself as a homeless person in 2011 outside Dayton, Ohio, and a police sergeant who acted way out of line given the situation at hand:

...I swear the guy must have been high as a kite or something.  He didn't act like he was high, but his paranoia level was through the roof.  I had just walked 13 hours straight from Springfield, OH, to Dayton, OH, and was trying to find a homeless shelter because, well, I was homeless and I needed a place to sleep.  There were only two places open in the area I was in, a gas station and a police station.  Gas station attendant didn't have any info for me, and directed me to the police station.  It was about 2 AM.  I knew the general direction of where I was going, but it was dark and I was in unfamiliar territory and I just needed to get my bearings.  I asked "which way is it to Dayton?" because I didn't know where I was.

Anyway, I talked to a rookie who in turn told me to wait for their sergeant.  Their sergeant pulled up in a squad car and drilled me about a bunch of stuff that made no sense.  Asked me repeatedly for my SSN, which I gave, and then promptly accused me of giving him three different numbers, which I hadn't done.  Asked me "don't you think it's a little weird to be asking a cop for directions at 2 in the morning?" as if "weird" somehow translates to illegal?

It was a small precinct.  Turned out to be just outside Dayton, in one of the outskirts.  There's an old AFB right across the river from where I was.  Wright-Patterson, I think.

Anyway, the sergeant went on like that for about... ten minutes.  Then he decided what to do with me, and I kid you not he blanked out for several seconds, then snapped back into reality and told his deputy to give me a ride into town.

The deputy gave me a ride, in the front seat of his squad car, and dropped me off closer to my destination.  On the way he told me that the sergeant was trying to get me arrested... on terrorism charges because he was afraid I was there to kill him.  I honestly wonder how that sergeant ever got to the position he's in and didn't end up in a nuthouse.

There's also another possibility...

Wright-Patterson AFB is supposedly a part of an elaborate network of bad-alien stuff going on.  And that same AFB is literally about a half-mile from the police station I got questioned at.


But the theory goes that Wright-Patterson has Reptilians in it.  If that theory has any merit, they probably stopped him from being a complete douchebag before it got him into worse trouble... because, yanno, I happen to be a Reptilian myself.

Though I hope to whatever gods there be that that theory is bunk, because in all honesty, the theory is that Reptilians are using this kind of situation to abduct humans and experiment on or kill humans, and being a Reptilian myself I don't particularly like the idea of my own people doing those types of things.

End copy/paste.

So that's my bizarre experience with a cop outside Dayton, Ohio.  Like I said, it's not directly relevant to dragons, but there might be some relevance due to the "Reptilians" I mentioned in my commentary on the situation near the end.