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Deep Rock Galactic

Started by Rakeela, July 08, 2018, 12:23:33 AM

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Deep Rock Galactic is one of my favorite games.  It's a co-op FPS.  The theme is space dwarves on a bug-infested planet.  Roles: Gunner (minigun, power revolver, satchel charges), Scout (assault rifle, shotgun, flare gun), Engineer (shotgun, RPG, turrets), and Driller (flamethrower, weak revolver, satchel charges).  Each class has a mobility option:  Gunner has ziplines, Scout has a grappling gun, Engineer has a platform gun, and the Driller has drills.  The Scout's mobility option is the only one that doesn't make the map easier for other players to navigate, but they have the flare gun to provide good lighting for everyone else.  The Scout is also fast, light, and well-armed.

The dwarves in the game seem basically immortal.  They make reference to lethal risks, but anyone who doesn't get out of a mission alive is listed as MIA, not KIA, and dwarves can take arbitrary amounts of damage after taking enough to down them without ever being out of the game.  Team members have unlimited revives as long as there's anyone on the team still on their feet to revive them.  (While playing solo, the robot ally can offer three revives.)

Effective cooperation is a big theme of the game.  It has a solo play option (with a flying robotic companion), but it's better to play in 3s and 4s.  I haven't had any bad experiences so far with random matchmaking, but I prefer playing with people I actually know.  So I'm always looking for people to play Deep Rock Galactic with.  My favorite class is the Driller, though as I've already leveled the Driller fully, I usually play other classes to continue gaining XP with them.