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Introductions / Re: Someone told me there's ta...
Last post by Rakeela - December 20, 2021, 01:08:18 AM
Hey Sedyana!  It's been a long time and I know I'm a weird reconnection to ever make...  Plus this forum is dead now...  but I wanted to say that I've been hoping you're well in your life.
Lair of the Geeks / Can I Use Anyone's 3D Printer?...
Last post by Rakeela - June 28, 2021, 09:24:03 PM
I'm a transhumanist who wants to be a dragon in the flesh someday!  I want to found a biotech company to advance the science of transformation, but that technology is a long ways away.  More immediately, I'm working on something a little more achievable and potentially very profitable: mitochondria experiments to alter plant metabolism.

One of the barriers that I have to face with this work is that I don't have access to a centrifuge.  However, I'm aware of a plan for a one-piece printable centrifuge!  Does anyone here have a 3D printer that I could use?
Dreams and experiences / Re: Dragon sightings
Last post by Rakeela - June 20, 2021, 11:15:41 PM
Wyverns are certainly dragons.  Echoes of the perfect form.

I had an experience like this.  The first time I ever walked into a dark room that contained Kistaro, for just an instant I saw Kistaro in hir dragon form, gentle color-cycling barely visible in the darkness of the room.  I was so startled that I leapt back out of the room with a shout, which is rather sad as the sight of hir had been thoroughly beautiful.  When I stepped into the room again, I saw only Kistaro in human form.
Gaming Discussion / How to Hack Games? (Intereste...
Last post by Rakeela - June 19, 2021, 06:50:33 PM
There's a game that VERY much held my interest called The Viceroy, but I have serious qualms with its behavior.  I've noticed a lot of anomalies while playing it.  It doesn't have any kind of modding or open codebase associated with it, but I did discover how to do some minor savegame edits... VERY minor.  Yet more important to me than that, is that I'd like to do some full-fledged fan-patching.  I want to know why the game misbehaves and I want to produce something that behaves differently in important ways.

Is it possible to seriously break into a game and start modifying it in ways that it wasn't designed to be modified?
Creative Writing / Rakeela's Waves
Last post by Rakeela - June 14, 2021, 01:58:59 AM
This place is now viewed only by people who'll never admit to seeing it while being used only by me.  I've decided to post some music!

This is Tarlight.  Maybe someday I'll put up an album on bandcamp.  This song will be there, but first it will be here.  Don't mind that it is "Tarlight 4" that just means I exported and reimported it four times while working on extending it until I was satisfied with its length and composition.

I'm not sure when or if I'll post more.  Enjoy!

I couldn't post it.  The smallest I could compress the file to was 1 MB, and the maximum file size here is 512 KB.  :(  I may post a different one soon instead.
Creative Writing / The Phoenix Eats the Dolphin
Last post by Rakeela - April 25, 2021, 12:42:44 AM
The ardor approaches the ardor reversed
Each full of all honor today
That the sharks or the saints again be dispersed
And within the condemned be immersed
To therein lead astray
whosoever the pure would betray
This was our hunting ground first!
We'll not be lead by our prey!

A cutting word in caesurae
What surfaces and sounds this way?
Whose death was sealed in yesterday?

What fire burns in hard rejection?
Not against our own affection
Do we place our indirection
And those who have no introspection
Must surely face their swift ejection.

Yet it's right that we should surely shy
And ask of what does bind the eye
Of all who do now come to lie?
For who would ever qualify
If all souls came to judgment?

So can we find no intersection
Within the depths of our dejection
For that accursed predilection
To seek the poor soul's resurrection?
Is there no end to disinfection?

A cutting word in caesurae
What surfaces and sounds this way?
Who speaks and thinks and prays this way?
From what wall would this then ricochet?
What soul could this sound sway?

What hidden knotwork binds the eye
Of all who do now come to lie
And who would ever qualify
If all souls came to judgment?
Dreams and experiences / Would Dinosaur Spirits Admire ...
Last post by Rakeela - April 19, 2021, 12:55:46 AM
On two occasions in childhood, I spotted silhouette raptors.  They were three dimensional, but undetailed; they were vantablack.  One of them was wearing a lab coat, if you can imagine such a thing, and the coat was not vantablack, but emphasized the three dimensionality of the raptor.  I have always thought of these sightings, which were seemingly real though I do not believe they materially occurred, as being sightings of raptor ghosts.  Forgive me the sin against materialism of reporting this phenomenon!  Intending no claim of supernatural power, I report what was wholly my perceptions as they literally seemed to be.

The labcoated one comes to mind especially here, because something unusual occurred to me.  Is it possible that dinosaurs would approve of our society?  Obviously, as they lived I am sure they were rather dim; yet (though I do not commit to the reality of spirits) I recognize that spirits are almost always credited with some degree of greater insight than they had in life, and when it comes to animal incarnation the nature of the animal it is not necessarily a whole and permanent assignment of the nature of the spirit.

There has always been some superstition that disrupting the resting places of the dead would bring back their ghosts.  Well, the resting places of the dinosaurs stayed still for eons, but disturb them we did; we have quarried out their epoch to burn it in our engines!  I have some sense that this would conventionally be an affront, but I wonder if those ancient spirits might be happy to be part of our sciences, and to fuel machines that once more roar gigantic across the landscape.
Gaming Discussion / Robothorium
Last post by Rakeela - April 18, 2021, 11:27:16 AM
I recently picked up a remarkable game called Robothorium.  I picked it up mostly because the title and references to thorium energy made me feel nostalgic for Vellos talking about the topic.  Unfortunately, it's not a very respectful presentation at all.  I think our society lost something when culture became ubiquitously abusive.

I didn't play too much of the game.  I only went a few missions in.  The one that introduced the black market was too goofy.  Easily stealable particle accelerators, just laying in the streets!  Here I was already thinking at that time that I'd rather avoid the black market if possible.  Black markets are terrible things.
Life Stories / Ihroun
Last post by Rakeela - April 18, 2021, 11:22:05 AM
I'm Ihroun.  Just kind of a hat-tip.  Thanks for being an otherkin community years ago, even though the revival attempt didn't work here.  I needed to meet other dragons when I was newly awakened, even though that didn't go so well.
Life Stories / Re: Watcher, Rebel, Broker, Be...
Last post by Skan - August 10, 2019, 08:05:42 AM
What in tarnation?! this some good lore for a book tho