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Title: References
Post by: Deebles on February 16, 2016, 08:38:20 pm
Describe your 'Self as best you can. Listing physical traits is a must, but adding quirks/personality traits might get you some art more suited for your tastes. Include pictures if available.
Title: Re: References
Post by: Deebles on February 16, 2016, 08:56:09 pm
Tropical Quadruped
Sex: Not evident
Measurements: 15' snout to tail, about half is tail. 25' wingspan. About 8' at the shoulder

Green scales, lilac feathered wings. Two Orchid horns. Left eye is blue, right is green. Several gold bangles on its legs and tail, three steel piercings in its wing membrane, and a leather buckle collar with a tooth attached.

Like many geckos, Deebles' skin color tends to be duller when in standby (sleepy, cold, bored), while it flares up when excited or stimulated (foraging, happy, irritated). Colors also change slightly based on time of year, diet, sunlight exposure, etc. Be as subtle or crazy with this as you like.

Personality-wise, it's a goofy lizard; not overly intelligent, eats fruit and flowers, curious about foreign objects.

During nesting season, Deebles develops a dark purple feather crest starting at the brow ridge and ending between the wings.

Artistic liberty encouraged!
Title: Re: References
Post by: Redalgo on February 17, 2016, 12:25:53 am
Kharovoyan Drake
Sex: Male
Measurements: 32' length, 39' wingspan, 7' height at shoulder

Coppery-brown or rose mauve scales cover the body while a paler, tan underbelly of armoured scutes runs from the throat clear down to the end of the tail. Four prominent horns, two attached to the cranium and two to the mandible. They are grey, as are the five talons upon each paw and wing, plus the weighted club at the end of the tail that is shaped somewhat like a kite. Depictions of the horns often entail them twisting like corkscrews though variations on this are fine. The eyes have round pupils though slits are also permissible, with a iris that are a slightly greyed hue of blue. Ears are stacked between the two sets of horns and feature reddish-pink skin rather than scales on their interior surface, as is the case for the mouth and tongue. Forepaws are functionally similar to hands, hind legs are digitigrade, and the creature is quadrupedal.

Redalgo uses ear expressions and a handful of peculiar mannerisms (e.g. prancing, chest puffing, gnawing on things, flailing wings about, hiding under his own limbs) to convey mood and in terms of personality can generally be described as caring, dorky, gentle, insecure, nervous, nurturing, pensive, and principled. Drawn to temperate and sub-polar climes, preferring mountainous areas with access to forests and lakes.