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Dragon sightings

Started by NoddyTheDragon, April 18, 2017, 11:50:41 PM

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Crazy stuff, I know, but I figured since this forum was empty and I've had some weird experiences myself, I might as well start a thread here, so here it is.

Have you ever seen a dragon or dragon-like being?  Doesn't have to be physical in nature obviously, but if you've seen one physically I wouldn't mind reading about it.  But it can also be sightings of like apparitions, maybe visions you've had during meditation or something along those lines.  Basically anything where you saw a dragon or something similar to a dragon (and just so you know, I'm including wyverns in this, since I hold to the very old idea that wyverns are a type of dragon... please don't hate me for saying as much).

So I'll start off by telling you all one of my experiences.  In August of 2010, I moved into a really slummy 2-bedroom apartment in Apache Junction, Arizona.  On my first night there, an apparition appeared at the door to the hallway at the foot of my bed.  I wasn't scared of it or anything, but simply curious and I felt actually rather safe.  When I looked closely at it, I noticed it was a he and he was a Draco, a similar species to my own.  I had a terrible bed, it was found by a friend in a garbage bin.  I didn't have any proper sheets or blankets, and I slept like a baby that night with that beautiful male Draco guarding the door to my room. 

I've had other experiences as well, but I'd like to read about some of your experiences.  Be sure to comment below. 



Wyverns are certainly dragons.  Echoes of the perfect form.

I had an experience like this.  The first time I ever walked into a dark room that contained Kistaro, for just an instant I saw Kistaro in hir dragon form, gentle color-cycling barely visible in the darkness of the room.  I was so startled that I leapt back out of the room with a shout, which is rather sad as the sight of hir had been thoroughly beautiful.  When I stepped into the room again, I saw only Kistaro in human form.