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Started by Akhorishaan, February 16, 2016, 08:14:08 PM

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The IRC server is down, perhaps for good.  Join us in Discord at https://discord.gg/gkeP7N3

We currently have IRC set up with services, if you'd like to join, please first read these rules.

1. Be nice to each other.
2. Keep your image links PG-13.
3. Don't link to dramatic stuff, we get enough drama in real life thank you.
4. Drawn out RP to pm please.
5. Please be respectful of others.
6. No attacking others. Ever.
7. Furry and otherkin art linking is acceptable and encouraged as long as it is kept PG-13.
8. If you have problems with a user, contact a mod or admin.
9. All problems with kicks or bans should be directed to a mod or admin, not discussed in channel.
10. If a mod outright tells you to do something or change something, then you bloody well do it.
11. Keep topics PG-13 in the main channel.

We have a couple servers right now, one in Sweden, and one in Michigan, USA. The main channel is #dragons

US DOWN: dragon-realms.net port 6667 and SSL 6668
Sweden DOWN: obsydian.drakboll.se port 6667 and SSL 6668


So as most of you know we've had some IRC issues the last week or so, where one of our servers has gone down.  The main server is still up for those wishing to connect there.  The second server in Sweden lost power about a week ago and has not recovered, so I would recommend switching your clients to connecting to the US server.  Info for the US server is in the first post of this thread.


So, as the few of you who have used the IRC servers in the past already know, the server hasn't been running for awhile now.  Unfortunately it wasn't seeing enough use to justify running it, as we've pretty much exclusively moved to using Discord as our chat room of choice.

If you wish to join us, take a look in the first post in this thread for a Discord invite link.