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General Discussion / Re: Count to 100k!
« Last post by NoddyTheDragon on January 20, 2017, 05:31:08 pm »
Introductions / Re: Hi
« Last post by NoddyTheDragon on January 20, 2017, 05:30:24 pm »
Welcome to the site, Aura.   :)
Introductions / Hi
« Last post by Aura on January 20, 2017, 04:31:46 pm »
Hi everyone!

I'm really happy and excited I found this sort of community, I've been dying to meet some interesting Dragons, and this place seems to be full of 'em.

I'm really friendly and enjoy conversations, so don't think twice about messaging me,

looking forward to meeting all of you ^^
General Discussion / Re: Count to 100k!
« Last post by Hornwitser on January 20, 2017, 03:47:24 pm »
This is silly.


Introductions / Re: Hey Everyone :)
« Last post by Hornwitser on January 20, 2017, 03:46:35 pm »
A bit of a late late welcome from me  ;). As for getting more into the community, I don't have much more advice to give than the bleeding obvious of interacting with it.
Suggestions / Attachments and/or gallery
« Last post by Hornwitser on January 20, 2017, 03:39:34 pm »
Would be nice if it was possible to attach images and the like to posts.  For example for showing off drawings or photos in the creativity section without having to rely on third party image hosting providers.

There's also a Gallery mod that looks nice.
Life Stories / I Might Regret This Later On, But...
« Last post by NoddyTheDragon on January 19, 2017, 02:14:00 pm »
I have multiple past lives that I know about.  However, since I identify as Inanna Eloah, I might as well tell her story.  I said I might regret this later, and though you might not understand why I would regret it now, I think once you read it you might have a better idea, so anyway, here goes...

First and foremost, a bit of my people's history:  We've been around for some 75 quadrillion Earth years.  To put that into perspective, the universe is roughly 15 billion years old or so.  When you divide that number into the number of years I listed as the total time of my people's existence, the dividend you get is 5 million.  That means we've been around *roughly* five million times longer than the universe as we presently know it has been.  We are technologically advanced, we have visited multiple planets and "created" some species through genetic manipulation (and a helluva lot of questionable ethics, I might add), and we have an anthropomorphic appearance.  We are, in fact, mammals rather than reptiles, but on the outside we look very much like western dragons with the six limbs (two legs, two arms, two wings), two horns on top of our heads with smaller horns over our eyebrows, and thick serpentine tails.  Some of us have scales, others of us have smooth skin.  Some have hair, others feathers, and so on.  We are shapeshifters.  I do not claim to know how we accomplish this, I only know that we do on a regular basis and that it is a biological thing. I was a soldier in that lifetime, and I am an artist now, so scientific explanations of how we did it are simply not in my capacity to give.  So in short, we are a very unique and varied mammalian, but nevertheless draconic, race of people. 

I don't know the circumstances under which my people came to Earth, but we did come here.  We "Created" the human race (I put "created" in quotation marks because it was more of a modification than a full-on creation), and they revered a large number of us as gods.  We arrived here, as best as I can recall some 500,000 years ago, and we've been here ever since though the last several thousand years we've been more incognito than we were in olden times.

I was born shortly after my people's arrival.  My mother's name was Ningal, my father's name was Nanna.  I also had a brother and a sister, Utu and Ereshkigal respectively, and I was trained in the arts of war by my grandfather Enlil.  Contrary to many of the myths written about me, I earned my place as a leader among my people just like any other soldier.  My people are highly egalitarian and so we don't usually see sexual favors and sleeping around as ways of getting ahead in life.  There was sexism, don't get me wrong, and I blatantly disobeyed orders on several occasions because they relied more on tradition than sound military strategy.  In one particular instance I was ordered to let another person win in a hand-to-hand combat situation because he was male and I wasn't.  It was a competition of sorts, and tradition held that males always beat females.  I disobeyed that order and got yelled at by my CO... and then promptly got promoted by someone of a higher rank than he was who had been watching the match the whole time.  So there was sexism, but it was usually on an individual level rather than an institutional one. 

My memories skip forward from that point to around 11,000 BCE.  I was in command of a mountain fortress and was charged with the defense of 14 cities, each of which had a circular footprint and a tall central tower with a light on top, presumably for the purpose of guiding aircraft and spacecraft into the area and making sure nobody flew too low or crashed into the buildings.  General safety-related stuff.  All of the cities put together made a half-moon formation around the base of the mountain, similar to a Mott and Bailey castle but on a much larger scale.  For defense we had giant cannons as well as an energy shield which could be placed over the cities and the fortress itself as a sort of protective bubble.  The shielding took a bit to come to full strength, and the weapons were much quicker to prime but still relied on the interaction of individuals and were thus subject to the weaknesses of whomever happened to be manning them.

Anyway, an alarm sounded, letting us know we were in imminent danger, and I ordered the shields raised.  We found that there were some 75 dreadnought style ships in orbit and they had launched tactical nukes aimed at the cities but not the fortress.  Before the shields could be fully raised, two of the missiles made it through and each one destroyed a city.  We ultimately won that battle but at a much higher cost than I had originally realized.  The same CO who had ordered me to hand that fight over to the other contestant, which I mentioned above, was in command of that fleet, and he targeted the cities specifically because he knew not only how seriously I took my job, but also knew that I saw the people as equal in value to me and my people (the inhabitants of those cities were humans).

My last memory of Inanna's life takes place roughly one thousand years later.  We had been experiencing hit-and-run raids in a cat-and-mouse type fashion, and a lot of us had gone quite some time without any real rest.  We finally caught a break and I made my way to my bedchamber.  One of my closest, dearest friends stopped me just outside my door and suggested that I spend the night with him, in the wilderness, making love.  So I took him up on the offer and we went out and enjoyed ourselves.  The next morning I came back to the fortress rested and in a lot higher spirits, and there was a commotion in the base.  When I asked what was going on, one of the guards told me that they had found a man in a hood and a robe with a dagger in my bedchamber.  He had been sent to assassinate me, and so it turns out that my friend saved my life.  I was literally just barely touching the door handle when he approached me.  If I'd have opened that door, that assassin would have killed me. 

About 7,000 years after that memory, my family and I were worshiped as gods by the ancient Sumerian civilzation.  Seven thousand years is a long time to go without any real knowledge of the actual person before writing, so you can imagine that there are a lot of errors and inaccuracies written into the myths about me and my family that can be read in translations all over the world.  Granted, I don't have nearly the knowledge I would like to have, and there are also many details which I have omitted for the sake of brevity as well as for personal reasons.  But at least I do have these details and I have shared some of them here.  I know it sounds crazy, but I also know that these things actually happened. 

Other than those memories, I know that Inanna herself is still alive, and that I am her avatar.  She is me, I am her, but we're both two different lifetimes.  I wish I could explain it more eloquently than that, but written language doesn't exactly give me the necessary words or expressions to do that without making another long post that would be both off-topic and tiresome to have to read. 
Gaming Discussion / Re: Skyrim Special Edition
« Last post by NoddyTheDragon on January 19, 2017, 01:22:03 pm »
Well, they seem to have patched the game up pretty good, and though they're still doing the whole "mods disable achievements" thing, at least now you can bypass it on PC... ironically by using a mod.  So now I can actually recommend this game for a change, provided Steam allows me to do so after my earlier negative review.
General Discussion / Re: Where do we go from here?
« Last post by NoddyTheDragon on January 19, 2017, 01:10:00 pm »
I originally got involved with this site because I pretty much left the Otherkin community altogether and felt like I should at least try to reconnect. 

Most of my experience with the Otherkin community has, in fact, been highly negative, because my kintype is unusual and I've had some very, shall we say unusual experiences since my Awakening when compared with most other people in the community.  My beliefs are also what some folks would call "fluffy" (basically a Neo-Pagan replacement for the Catholic Christian term "Heretical").  I've taken a lot of flak over the years for my differences of opinion from the majority, and as such it's kinda hard for me to really get into discussions here.  Even with all that, though, I do still check the forums, usually several times a day to see if anyone's said anything.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that Otherkin forums tend to be silent for long periods of time, and then you get one or two forums posts in a space of a few weeks and then you're back to months on end of silence.  It's not just this site that does it, but every Otherkin site I've ever been on (The original Dragon-Realms,,, etc.).  I've heard about the so-called "glory days" of the Otherkin community back when it was super active and so on, but that kind of ended with the demise of Rashan's forum, and IIRC, my Awakening took place just a couple months after that site shut down.  So I've never actually experienced the aforementioned "glory days," and the months of silence followed by a few days of activity followed by further months of silence in the Otherkin community is really all I've ever experienced of it.

When it comes right down to what I want, though... honestly, I just want an open forum where I can discuss my experiences and thoughts without feeling like a total idiot.  The way my experiences in life have been, I might never find a place like that especially in the Otherkin community, but at the very least I can hope, and keep trying.  Also, I've met some nice people in the community and I rather miss them, so I'm here. 
General Discussion / Where do we go from here?
« Last post by Hornwitser on January 18, 2017, 06:39:28 pm »
I wonder.  What does the community, that is you, want to build here?  A forum without activity is a dead place, though no one here can really be blamed for not making activity and I don't think that route of self pity is worth anyone's time.  I'm going to ask you this question instead: What do you want from this place?

I myself don't have much of a vision.  I wasn't part of the original Dragon Realms, so I don't know any people from there.  And I don't really have any ideas for what the new Dragon Realms should be.  All I can think of is having a fun time with some people who may or may not be a lot like me.
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