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Title: Skyrim Special Edition
Post by: NoddyTheDragon on October 28, 2016, 11:44:32 am
So far, I hate this remaster, just like I hated the BioShock one.  I love Skyrim itself, but the so-called "Special Edition" is essentially vanilla 2011 Skyrim and DLC's with somewhat nicer textures, a 64-bit executable, and few, if any, bugfixes.  In fact, there seem to be even more bugs with this release than there were with the original. 

And then there's mod support.  Bethesda decided to do the same thing they did with Fallout 4 and penalize players who use mods by disabling achievements.  Since most bugfixes in Bethesda games are done by modders because Bethesda themselves are too lazy to fix their own problems, this is basically a middle-finger salute to anybody who wants a fully functional Bethesda game. 

I'm sure that eventually modders will make a mod that allows achievements to be re-enabled with mods enabled.  I mean, they did that with Fallout 4, and Skyrim SE is on the same engine as that game is, so it's not as terrible as it could be.  Also, the game is more responsive with the 64-bit executable than it was with the old 32-bit one, and some reviewers have mentioned that the 4GB system memory limit is no longer applicable because this is a 64-bit version of the game.  But for now the cons for this game far outweigh the pros in my opinion.

My advice: if you can buy the original, then buy that and save your hard-earned money.  It only costs twenty dollars as compared to the Special Edition's forty.  If you're like me and you got this remaster for free because you owned the original game with all DLC's on Steam, then you haven't really lost anything because Bethesda at least had the decency to install the Special Edition as a completely separate game.  But at present, this "remaster" is just not worth its forty dollar price tag.  At the very least you should wait until modders have made a way to bypass Bethesda's ridiculous penalization for using mods before you spend any money on it.
Title: Re: Skyrim Special Edition
Post by: NoddyTheDragon on January 19, 2017, 01:22:03 pm
Well, they seem to have patched the game up pretty good, and though they're still doing the whole "mods disable achievements" thing, at least now you can bypass it on PC... ironically by using a mod.  So now I can actually recommend this game for a change, provided Steam allows me to do so after my earlier negative review.